Know the Benefits of Hikvision DVR

Know the Benefits of Hikvision DVR
You can secure your home as well as your organization by installing a Hikvision DVR. So let’s check the wide range of benefits you can avail from Hikvision DVR.
Hikvision CCTV comes with a variety of features including image quality and camera design at an affordable price. You can thereby tailor this equipment as per your budget and requirements. It provides a security system that will suit your business completely. Furthermore, Hikvision is compatible with popular mobile devices and Operating System to enable you to view and control your DVR with your mobile applications.
Though Hikvision DVRs are dearer than standard CCTV cameras, they offer wider coverage. As a result, you can cover a larger area with one Hikvision IP camera only.
You won’t require an extra investment to get analytics software for your Hikvision DDR. It’s due to the reason that the equipment has the analytics ability inbuilt in it. Hikvision uses a common interface for all its DVR versions to facilitate excellent user experience.
Hikvision has a greater amount of megapixels to provide a better quality image. Hence you get a clear image when zooming in on your pre-recorded image. Hikvison DVR connects with HD analog/network cameras and provides a powerful CCTV surveillance system.
Usability and Durability
Hikvision DVR is easy to understand and use with no knowledge of operating CCTV. Moreover, you can expand Hikvision systems by adding new cameras for your future requirements. It will be of great help if your business expands and requires extra security. The high-quality materials of Hikvision DVRs will last for your lifetime.
Hikvision bundles multiple advanced technologies like audio and video encoding and decoding, storage technology, intelligent technology, and so on. It can effectively work as a recorder or cooperate with other devices to build a surveillance system. It provides simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs. Hikvision DVR reverse playback for the assigned camera in multi-channel live view mode.
The Setup  Process of Hikvision DVR for Cloud Recording or Google Drive Recording
In case you are unaware of the setup process of Hikvision DVR, then have a look at the effective steps that are given below. This process involves the following steps:
Primary Setup
To begin with, connect the DVR and laptop properly to a router. Then ensure that the router is accessing the internet and your system is working correctly. If you attentively follow this article, then you will find the setup process pretty simple. Launch a web browser on your PC and open the DVR. Click on the ‘Configuration’ button to allow the Hikvision DVR sends a video stream to the internet. Then the video stream is automatically recorded into the Google Drive Server. Hikvision DVR uses a Sub Stream to maintain a balance between the quality and bandwidth of the streaming video.  
Substream Setup
Choose the ‘Video/Audio’ option from the left side menu and choose a channel to cloud recording configuration. Change the value of ‘Resolution, Frame Rate, and Video Quality’ and set the Bitrate Type as Variable to save the bandwidth.
Event Setup
Setup the events like motion detection for recording a video from the DVR into Google Drive. Click on the ‘Basic Event’ button to allow the motion detection for all those cameras you want to record in the cloud. Navigate to the ‘Basic Event’ menu and ensure that the Arming Schedule is colored blue. It ensures that the Arming Schedule is set up for the expected time for which you want to enable motion detection.
Setup the Recording
Go to ‘Schedule settings’ and enables recording for the camera based on previous events. It commands the DVR to record videos based on events already configured for motion detection. Tap the ‘save’ button and proceed to the next step to configure the stream type in the advanced settings. Then move your way towards the ‘Advanced’ menu and set the Stream Type to Double Stream. Also, set the pre-recorded or post-recorded time for the video to 5 seconds. If you forget to change the Stream Type, then the video won’t be recorded on Google Drive.
Setup the Google Drive Recording
Go to the ‘Storage Management’ menu and select ‘Cloud Storage’ to set up the cloud recording on Google Drive. In addition, you can use an Authorization code to choose the Cloud Type between Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive. To do so, select Google Drive as the Cloud Type and hit the ‘Get’ button. A new window pops up where you will need to choose your Google Drive account. Instead of choosing your account, you may select some other account to enable the DVR access to your account. Now tap the ‘allow’ button to make files and folders in your google drive account accessible to Hikvision DVR. Use the code that appears on your computer’s screen to authorize the application access your Google Drive. Copy and paste the code into the DVR setup and you will find the status icon turns online. Otherwise, refresh the page to see new status and our Google Drive information. Now you are ready to record your Hikvision DVR on the Cloud.
Test Your recording on Google Drive
Create a motion in front of the camera to initiate and check whether the recording is working or not. Double-click on the ‘black icon’ to play the video directly on your Google Drive.
We can conclude that CCTV is indispensable in your life and Hikvision is the best CCTV option for you. Hence opt for a CCTV today if you no longer want to keep your property vulnerable.

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